Happy Moments

The hard times get you from one happy snap shot to the next. :)


Merry Christmas From Our Family This Christmas! 2013


Amber, you are amazing.  Even with our ameteur cameras on our phone, you are able to work your magic!  THANK YOU!!


VIP CLient of the Year! :)

MY sweet niece, Lauren's daughter, Georgia!!!  Love this little sweetie.  She loved her newly glittered nails.  Summer on one hand, winter on the other! :)  Gold and Coral were her favorite glitter colors.

Love these girls!

Funnest trip to Arizona yet!

Me, Leesa, Amy & (expecting) Lauren!!! :)


Usery Park Hike

It was so much "fun" hiking up this nice sized, rock, gravel and scenic mountain!  Luckily no sightings of snakes or spiders, sorry Jacob!  :)  It was beautiful and wonderful spending time with the Hamblins and Veers!


I love my family!!! :)

Thanks Leesa for attempting to capture that perfect picture!! :)  I love them all!


Watching the sun rise at the temple...

It seems like every Monday morning I want to start a workout routine...I get all jazzed up, get up early, study, go running/power walking, and then it dies down little by little during the week, until at the end of the week, I am sleeping in until 7 again!!!  This morning was GORGEOUS!  I sat and watched as the sun came up with the beautiful temple as the focus.  I am so blessed to live so close to such a beautifully inspiring place.  I came home and prepared my lesson for two weeks, sent out cards to those I was thinking of and organized my life for the day.  Who wouldn't want that?!  Here's hoping I can keep it up all week!! ;)

Taking laps around the temple is the best.  I might have a new tradition!!


More picts of Rylie's big day!

Jake & Tiffany  So glad you could come!!
Love that look on her face!  Her very own ice cream sandwich cake!  She helped me put it together all Sunday afternoon, It was delicious, but she would never know!  Can you believe that she passed on it?!  Crazy girl!!!!
Love this little Owen!! :)
Not so little anymore, my sweet Zachy.
They grow so fast.  Caleb, who has left me for a week for scout camp...pout, pout...
Little Levi doesn't look like he likes grass so much!
MMMMM, little Azure staring at the yummy cake!
PReSEnTS! :)
Funny Grandpa and his Christmas wrapping paper and fun tag!!!  lol
Attempting to read card #1...from Grandma and Grandpa...
...finally just having her cousin Lexa read for her!  lol

Monster High Madness, lots of spoils and fun with family!  What could be better?! :)  Happy Birthday, my not so little girl!!!!